Hinged Lid Rigid Boxes
 Rigid boxes, also called setup boxes or gift boxes, are comprised of heavyweight chipboard that is wrapped and hidden with a high quality printed and finished paper delivering a finished appearance. These unique rigid boxes and set up boxes engage customers’ interests and add tremendous value to the products stored inside.
Customers commonly reuse rigid boxes after they have purchased your product, providing opportunities to leave a lasting impression for your brand.
Rigid boxes have many styles,Hinged lid rigid boxes are one of popular styles. 4GiftBoxes offer wide options of material,wrapped paper,printing,print finish,closure to build hinged lid rigid boxes as your desire to fit your end,we can print your logo,image on boxes,we also offer custom insert to hold your products and items firmly and safety in boxes.
hinged lid rigid boxes
hinged lid rigid boxes
hinged lid set up boxes
hinged lid rigid boxes with magnetic closure
hinged lid rigid boxes with custom foam insert
hinged lid rigid boxes with custom insert and printed logo
clamshell boxes with custom logo
hinged lid rigid boxes with custom printing
Hinged lid rigid boxes are the definitive go-to packaging option for anyone looking to store special items. From gifts to things that you do not want to roll over or stumble to the ground, these are a lifesaver, and they function with style too. The hinged lid rigid set up boxes come in plenty of different styles, and patterns, which is just another convenient option for shoppers who like to browse through a range of choices. You too can pick out the one that looks best for any of your packaging requirements.
Hinged lid rigid boxes remain fit for use for a long time. You can reuse them for storing different items. Or simply as adequate packing for things that you place back in this box once you are done using them. These boxes will sit on your shelf looking good as new.The custom logo,brand and image will become long lasting advertisement for business.
There is no use for rigid packaging if the item that you plan on storing inside keeps on rattling inside the unnecessary space. The best thing about these hinged lid rigid boxes is that you can have both the size of the box and the inches of the lid customized to your exact packaging needs. Even with the cushioned groves that help keep the items in place, the packaging is lightweight to carry, which makes it perfect as one piece rigid gift boxes. All your gift wrapping worries will go out the window with box packaging options like these.
4GiftBoxes is all about getting the best quality packaging boxes for you. Order now and benefit from the swift delivery service. All you have to do is pick the specific box type, and wait for the product to be delivered to your doorstep.

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